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This massage soap with olive kernel powder gently exfoliates your body.

It is enriched with arnica extract and wintergreen essential oil, known for their soothing properties on muscle tension.


It is used directly on wet skin. Gently massage and lather. 

La Cigale massage soap with Arnica oil 125g

SKU: 000616
  • It is crafted in our workshops by our Master Soapmakers, who have inherited more than two centuries of know-how.

    Tested under the supervision of a dermatologist.

    Soap easily biodegradable (OECD 301F test).

    Certified FSC cardboard packaging.

  • La Cigale massage soap with olive kernel powder enriched with arnica extract and wintergreen essential oil is a specialized soap designed for massage therapy. It combines the exfoliating properties of olive kernel powder with the soothing benefits of arnica extract and the invigorating scent of wintergreen essential oil. Here are the key features and benefits of such a soap:

    • Exfoliating Action: The presence of olive kernel powder provides gentle exfoliation, helping to remove dead skin cells and promote smoother, rejuvenated skin.
    • Massage Therapy: The soap is specifically formulated for massage purposes. It offers a smooth texture and glide, making it suitable for various massage techniques.
    • Soothing Arnica Extract: Arnica extract is known for its soothing properties. It can help relieve muscle soreness, inflammation, and bruising, making it beneficial for post-massage relaxation and recovery.
    • Invigorating Wintergreen Essential Oil: Wintergreen essential oil has a refreshing and invigorating aroma. It can provide a stimulating sensation and promote a sense of revitalization during the massage.
    • Moisturizing and Nourishing: Despite its exfoliating properties, the soap also contains moisturizing ingredients that help keep the skin hydrated and nourished. This can enhance the overall massage experience.
    • Improved Circulation: The massage action, combined with the properties of arnica extract and wintergreen essential oil, can help improve blood circulation and provide a warming sensation to the massaged area.
    • Aromatherapy Benefits: The scent of wintergreen essential oil can contribute to aromatherapy benefits during the massage. It may help uplift the mood, relieve stress, and enhance relaxation.
    • Natural and Botanical Ingredients: The soap incorporates natural and botanical ingredients, such as olive kernel powder, arnica extract, and wintergreen essential oil. It is free from harsh chemicals and synthetic additives, offering a more natural option for massage therapy.

    When using a massage soap with olive kernel powder enriched with arnica extract and wintergreen essential oil, wet the soap and lather it with water. Apply the lather to the skin and massage using desired techniques. Rinse thoroughly after the massage. Enjoy the exfoliating, soothing, and invigorating benefits of this specialized soap during your massage sessions.

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