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Delicately scented and enriched with Lemon Essential Oil, this Hand Soap eliminates stubborn odors. It is ideal for the hands of the cook.


95% of ingredients are of natural origin according to ISO 16128 standard (including water).


*According to the ASDMF code:

La Cigale Marseille liquid soap "cook" with lemon essential oil 300ml

SKU: 000460
  • Naturally rich, this La Cigale soap is crafted in our workshops under the expertise of our Master Soap Makers, who hold over two centuries of know-how.

    Formulation tested under the supervision of a dermatologist.

    Formulation not tested on animals.

    This soap is easily biodegradable (according to OECD 301F test). The bottle is made of 100% recycled plastic and the pump is recyclable.

    *According to the ASDMF code:

  • Marseille liquid soap offers several key features and benefits that make it particularly suitable for cooks in the kitchen:

    • Natural and Safe: Marseille liquid soap is typically made from natural and biodegradable ingredients, such as vegetable oils and soda ash. It doesn't contain harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, ensuring a safe and healthy option for handwashing.

    • Effective Cleansing: Marseille liquid soap is highly effective at removing stubborn food odors, grease, and dirt from hands. Its strong cleansing properties make it ideal for cooks who often deal with ingredients that leave lingering smells or sticky residues.

    • Gentle on Hands: Despite its powerful cleaning action, Marseille liquid soap is gentle on the skin. It helps to maintain the natural moisture balance of the hands, preventing dryness and irritation that can be caused by frequent washing.

    • Versatile Use: Marseille liquid soap can be used not only for handwashing but also for various cleaning tasks in the kitchen. It can be used to clean utensils, cutting boards, and other kitchen surfaces, thanks to its effective degreasing properties.

    • Hygienic and Antibacterial: Marseille liquid soap has natural antibacterial properties, helping to ensure a hygienic environment in the kitchen. It helps to eliminate germs and bacteria that can be transferred from raw ingredients or during food preparation.

    • Pleasant Fragrance: La Cigale Marseille liquid soap "cook" is available in a lemon essential oil natural fragrance, a soft fesh citrus scent. The pleasant aroma can help mask cooking odors and leave a refreshing scent on the hands.

    • Environmentally Friendly: Marseille liquid soap is environmentally friendly as it is biodegradable and produced using traditional, sustainable manufacturing processes. By choosing Marseille soap, you contribute to a greener and more sustainable kitchen routine.

    Overall, Marseille liquid soap is a reliable and versatile option for cooks, offering effective cleaning, gentle care for the hands, and a pleasant washing experience. Its natural composition and eco-friendly qualities make it an excellent choice for those seeking a more sustainable approach to hand hygiene in the kitchen.

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