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Savon La Cigale: The Certified Marseille Soaps

Welcome to the World of Savon La Cigale: Preserving the Legacy of Authentic Marseille Soap!

Savon La Cigale is more than just a brand; it's a guardian of the time-honored tradition of Marseille soap, transcending geographical boundaries. We believe the essence of Marseille soap should be celebrated wherever its craftsmanship thrives.

savon La Cigale Traditional Marseille soap Olive 300g
Savon La Cigale Traditional Marseille soap Olive 300g

As a testament to our commitment, savon La Cigale proudly carries the OFG (Origine France Garantie) certification and is a founding member of the ASDMF (Savon de Marseille France Association). Look for our "savon de Marseille France" logo, symbolizing our mission to promote Marseille soap.

Throughout its history, Marseille soap has adapted and modernized under our care while staying true to its core principles. Our dedication ensures savon La Cigale products remain essential, practical, and superior. From revolutionizing hygiene in the 19th century to today's beloved natural product, Marseille soap embodies health, purity, and delight.

Discover the Authenticity of Marseille Soap: Certified Labels and French Associations

In France, the world of Marseille soap is supported by three esteemed associations, officially recognized by the French authorities. These organizations play a vital role in safeguarding the heritage and integrity of this cherished soap-making tradition.

Label certification ASDMF
savon de Marseille, Marseille soap France, certification ASDMF

Although Marseille soap does not currently possess a specific designation like AOC (Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée) or IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée), its authenticity can be easily identified through two certified labels.

When seeking genuine Marseille soap, these certified labels serve as a hallmark of quality and craftsmanship. They are a testament to the dedication and adherence of soap manufacturers to the time-honored techniques and principles that define Marseille soap.

Immerse yourself in the world of Marseille soap and explore the authentic offerings recognized by these labels. Experience the remarkable difference that comes from using soap made with passion, expertise, and a commitment to preserving this esteemed French tradition.

Join us in celebrating this heritage and discover how savon La Cigale's Marseille soaps enrich your daily routine with quality, authenticity, and pleasure.


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