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Welcome to Savon La Cigale: Where Simplicity and Authenticity Meet in the Art of Soap Making!

Step into a world where tradition and craftsmanship blend seamlessly. At Savon La Cigale, we proudly adhere to the meticulous manufacturing process defined by the esteemed Association Marseille Soap France (ASDMF), ensuring that our soap range embodies the true essence of Marseille soap.

With a rich history spanning over two centuries, the renowned Savonnerie de l'Atlantique soap factory stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of authentic soap production. Our master soap makers meticulously employ ancestral methods, passed down through generations, to create each bar of soap with unrivaled expertise and care.

The brand La Cigale is dedicated to preserving the heritage of traditional soaps, offering a diverse selection of genuine Marseille soaps alongside an exquisite range of cosmetic soaps. Each product captures the simplicity and authenticity that has made Marseille soap a timeless classic.

As the sole French soap factory producing "French soap, Marseille soap" on an industrial scale, Savonnerie de l'Atlantique upholds the highest certifications, ensuring that our products meet stringent quality standards.

Indulge in the luxurious world of Savon La Cigale and experience the unparalleled charm of Marseille soap. Join us in celebrating the artistry of soap making and discover the beauty that simplicity and authenticity can bring to your everyday routine.

The Tradition of soap-making.

la Cigale 馬賽皂 72%橄欖油馬賽皂 300g.png
La Cigale Marseille soap, the French Tradition 
Marseille soap, Marseille liquid soap
Savon de Marseille France 法國馬賽皂.png
Marseille soap, not just an appellation but a certification


A century-old manufacturing process, a soap with multiple usage and benefits.

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